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We’re creative futurists at Swagger. And we’re smart ones at that. We’re always on the lookout for future products, trends, and behaviors. What’s in the when, not just the now. We chat about stuff like that at our Future Cafés, a weekly internal pow-wow where our crew gathers to debate the pros and cons of the latest futuristic news. It’s a mission of ours to keep up with these things. Here are the ones we found most share-worthy.

Future Products and Trends (Part VI)

4 Minute Read

July 23, 2018

Mercedes’ Futuristic Headlights Are No Longer Just a Concept (Engadget)

We have smart watches, smart homes, smart tiny cars, and now we have smart headlights—isn’t it amazing?! Technology evolves and gets sprinkled into our everyday lives, not only to make things cooler or prettier, or practical, it also makes us safer; with new smart headlights, road safety will, hopefully, improve and will make our everyday lives a little better one day at a time.

Renault Showcases Their Self-Driving Carpooling Car Concept and It’s Called the EZ-GO (Mashable)

With Uber and Lyft changing public transportation, Renault didn’t want to be left behind. With its new concept car EZ-GO, Renault is evolving social affordable transportation services. This new concept car is driverless, fits up to six people and is electric. It also offers a ramp for wheelchairs and strollers, and you can book through the app. This innovation makes transportation easier, convenient, cheaper, and has the potential to change the way we share rides.

UPS’s New Electric Truck Is Emission-Free—and Really, Really Adorable (Mashable)

When we talk about electric cars, we all think about Tesla, Fiat, BMW, etc., but never about a delivery truck—interesting, right?! Well, UPS has partnered with Arrival and created a new fleet of electric delivery trucks, and they are sooooo cute. When it comes to making environmentally-friendly cars, personal use shouldn’t be the only focus. Other vehicles should be taken into consideration too, like in this case, delivery trucks. Now the excitement of waiting for a package to be delivered will be supplemented by taking a pic of the gorgeous truck your package is going to arrive in. Thank you UPS for saving the world, one truck at a time.

Uber’s Flying Taxi Prototype Needs to Be at Least Three Times Bigger (Mashable)

UberAir, “the electric passenger drone”—how unbelievable does that sound?! Well, it’s happening, and faster than we think.

By 2020, it’s predicted that some cities in the US will have the chance to use this flying taxi service. It will be as easy as riding in an Uber is today. There’ll be clean, safe, and quiet “Uber Skyports” for better service and convenience too.

Technology is changing the vehicle industry and our everyday lives. In no time, watching vehicles flying through a city near you will become the new norm.

Xiaomi’s E-Scooter Is Everywhere Because It’s Fast, Fun, and Easy to Ride (Mashable)

First we had the electric bike, now we have the electric scooter. When it comes to transportation, it doesn’t matter if it’s a bus, a car, or a scooter, technology—and the economics associated with it—means innovation like this won’t be stopping any time soon.

Personal mobility devices have become a smart solution in highly congested urban areas. The electric scooter, or e-scooter as some call it, is great for short distances. It runs at 15.5 miles per hour and it’s portable too. All the safety features, like turning signals and a horn, are included. And now, you can get all that for less than $600. Plus, it’s a blast to ride. If you happen to be lucky enough (and wealthy enough) to live in San Francisco, you’ve probably seen the Xiaomi e-scooter well… scooting around town.

Transportation is evolving rapidly, thanks to technology and evolving attitudes towards urban living. Shared or personal modes of transport are more convenient, safer, cleaner, and just make more sense. The e-scooter is going to make a lot of sense to a lot of people going forward.

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