Our Focus: Talent and Work That’s Simply Better

January 19, 2018

Every agency out there says it has the best talent pool around. But every single place can’t have the best people since the designation “best” is not only subjective but exclusive.

So, we’re not going to spin a whole load of nonsense trying to convince you that we employ all of the best people who have ever worked in advertising. What would that chest-beating accomplish? What we can tell you is that we focus on and develop our talent in a way that few others do.

Swagger is not a big New York City agency or San Francisco startup. We’re located out of Houston, Texas, and while we have a flourishing ad industry that just keeps on growing, we have to be a bit creative in the ways we attract our talent. Because we can’t promise them a Madison Avenue office or a Potrero Hill penthouse, the draw comes from the work each and every member of the Swagger team will be able to create and the passion they’ll feel by joining a team of people who are all excited to get up in the morning and come to work. And that’s not something you find everywhere.

How do we do it? We have a little secret: we only hire people who are passionate about making great work. And that means we go by a lot more than a portfolio and a resumé. It’s more about the person and the chemistry. We want people who really jive with our culture. Maybe they didn’t go to the top school in the world and perhaps they don’t have a litany of awards under their belt, but that’s okay. We know Swagger is about way more than that.

The thing about our team is that it’s a place people want to stick around. We see very little turnover. And because of that, we’re able to really work with each person to make sure they’re getting the most out of their Swagger experience.

And guess what? When people are passionate, hardworking, and trained, they produce killer work. We know that the people at Swagger is what makes our work so great. True collaboration across every level makes our work more integrated and cohesive than what our counterparts are turning out. Traditional and digital advertising hold hands and take each creative journey together instead of sitting on different floors. Creative teams work together to make the best work possible instead of being pitted against each other for the chance to make a single 30-second spot every year. That’s just not what keeps people around or excited.

Great talent creates great work and great work attracts even more talent. It’s a cycle we’re more than happy to be a part of, and there’s no slowing down.