So who are these crazy people who call themselves creative futurists? We’re a small group of passionate people, each with a vision for a flourishing marketing future.

We all have our specialties, sure. Writers. Strategists. Art directors. Account folks. But our small size means we all wear many hats. And we’re all invested in the future—of Swagger and of marketing as a whole. It’s not just a job for us. It’s a mission.


  1. Wipe how it’s done from your head

    Conventions will get you nowhere. Just because Competitor X does this, buys media here, and advertises this way doesn’t mean you should follow suit.

  2. Every assignment matters

    Not every marketing assignment is a big, award-winning task. And that’s OK. Whether it’s a fully integrated campaign or a banner ad, the work should still be creative, groundbreaking, and housed in a big idea.

  3. Make educated risks

    Crazy, unfounded risks don’t make sense. But educated risks based on trends are the only way to make change, and that’s why risk-taking is one of our founding principles.

  4. Always be hopeful

    There’s nothing worse than a pessimistic futurist. Creative futurists are by nature positive—if the future is what you make it, why can’t it be great?

  5. Make tech your new BFF

    The way to new ideas is often found by embracing new tech. Things that used to be science fiction are now reality. Do now what everyone else will be doing in marketing five years from now.

  6. Curiosity killed the cat but makes the creative

    People who are curious are never satisfied because they’re always wondering what’s next. These are the kind of people who wake up with a start in the middle of the night with a burning question on their mind. These are the people that will mold the future.

Jarred King

President & Founder

Entrepreneur, father, husband, and Swagger president—but not always in that order and with varying degrees of proficiency depending on the day and cash flow.

Rob Andrew

Creative Director

Rob grew up fast tracked to become a hockey star. When that didn’t happen, he switched hats (helmets), skating his way to advertising stardom. You can't be a hockey star in Texas anyway.

Cortney Naylor

Director of Operations

When she’s not writing her latest Game of Thrones fan theories, you’ll catch Cortney either hanging with her fam, reading the latest business book, devouring sushi, or fiddling with the latest gadget. Cortney is an early adopter who believes in being on trend before it becomes a fad.

Courtney Johansson

Social Media Specialist

Courtney with a “u” is a firm believer that afternoon naps are good for the soul. She’s an advocate for the well-placed semicolon, any movie starring Tom Hanks, and country music. Yee-haw!

Vlad Vidaeff

Content Marketing Manager

There are few things in life Vlad loves more than college football, Oxford commas, fantasy sports, weekly movie nights, and globetrotting. He’s an established foodie and our go-to expert when it comes to the best places to dine out in Houston.

Kyle Murphy

Integrated Producer

Kyle sees most of the world through a “Simpsons” lens and people have been known to call him a hipster. He produces everything we do—resulting in account managers either loving or hating him. Usually the former.

Joy Semler

Senior Account Manager

Joy is actually a client “happiness” specialist. She’s her own happiness specialist too, with an endless stream of travel adventures, video games, and passion for things with four legs in her life. She’s also pretty wicked at creating awesome costumes, winning numerous contests to boot.

Emmett Strauss

3D Animator

Emmett claims to be from the future and says he’d very much like to get back to it. We, on the other hand, know he’s really from St. Louis, loves Houston, and isn’t going anywhere as far as we’re concerned.

Adam Streusand

Web Developer

You wouldn’t think a web developer would have that much opportunity to talk, but Adam is an exception. Unless you take a wide path around his desk, he’ll eagerly talk your ear off about cartoons, sports, music, nerdy stuff, and anything else that comes to mind. He has enough material to be a stand-up comic. We think he just likes to talk a lot.

Kelly Lewis

Administrative Assistant

Kelly turns almost anything anyone says into a song or a movie reference. When she’s not at work, she’s busy with concerts, family, and friends, spreading her good vibes to all.

Owen Barrington

Digital Marketing Manager

Believe it or not, Owen’s actually amused by digging deep into data analytics and cutting edge digital marketing tactics. He does get pretty serious though about teaching kids Irish step dancing, riding and fixing his classic (his words, not ours) motorcycle—a 1974 Honda CB450—and exploring in far-off places.

Bryant Alvarez


Bryant’s a visual surgeon living in the 21st century—completely uncertified by any medical board we might add. What Bryant does have though is a knack for video editing, animating graphics for said videos, and generally being our creative jack-of-all-trades.

Cecilia Alanis

Senior Art Director

Cecy is a nerd who loves creating beautiful things, baking treats, and then eating said treats. She loves crossfit, superhero movies, and all things Disney.

Ed Cantu

Strategic Director

Ed may just be the nerd of all nerds, which is fine by us because we think he’s probably the strategic guy of all strategic guys too. When he's not busy fishing for deep insights into the consumer mindset, he’s probably busy fishing the depths of the Gulf of Mexico for the much less complex, and easier to understand, red snapper.

Mathew Anderson

Developer Philanthropist